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Laser Solutions

13 - Dec - 2014

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Chemical Skin Exfoliation

Laser Solutions - Chemical Skin Exfoliation

Therapeutics is a revolutionary breakthrough in chemical exfoliation treatments. Which delivers a fresh, glowing skin even after one treatment with no downtime, you could even fit one in during your lunch break!


What is a chemical exfoliation?

A chemical solution is applied to the skin to gently and non-abrasively remote dull skin cells to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. Chemical exfoliation delivers a deeper peel than salon exfoliation treatments.


What are the results from a chemical exfoliation treatment?

After treatment you can expect to see a fresh, smooth, even and healthy skin tone, chemical peels. Greatly soften lines and crows feet, reduce large pores help clear acne, spots and blemishes. Lighten hyperpigmentation skin may appear firmer and tighter as the treatment also stimulates collagen production.


How many treatments do I need and how often?

Receiving a series of chemical exfoliation treatments will yield the best results. 4 - 6 treatments are recommended, one every 7 - 14 days, although visible results will be seen even after just one treatment.


Will the treatment be painful?

You mat feel a slight tingling sensation to a feeling of slightly hot skin during part of the treatment, though a cooling fan provided successfully alleviates this.


What will my skin look like after chemical exfoliation?

Your skin may appear slightly red for a short period of time normally 10 - 15 mins, the thing most noticeable is how fresh and smooth skin appears. Ultra dry or dehydrated skin may experience a slight sloughing of skin as more dead skin cells shed, a light moisturizing is recommended.


Are there any special after instructions following a treatment?

Protect the skin with sun block if necessary, avoid use of sauna. Stream rooms and tanning beds for 5 days.

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