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  • Laser hair removal in Northern Ireland
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Laser Solutions

10 - Feb - 2015

Laser hair removal,anti-ageing treatments,red vein removal,acne & acne scarring,rosacea & skinredness,sundamaged skin.


Welcome to Laser Solutions

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80% OFF Laser Hair Removal in Belfast

"You deserve to look and feel at your very best and we're here to help you achieve that"

Laser Solutions NIHere at Laser Solutions the wide range of treatments available include specialised laser hair removal, anti-aging treatments, laser wrinkle reduction, red vein removal, laser treatments for acne and acne scarring, photo rejuvenation for sundamaged skin, laser treatments for acnerosacea, pigmentation, sunspots and freckles as well as C.A.C.I non-surgical anti-ageing facial treatments. Avail also of our medi-cosmetic treatments for line filling and muscle relaxing procedures.

Laser Solutions is an aesthetic skin and laser clinic offering a wide range of advanced procedures for skin enhancement and hair removal, carried out by GMC Qualified doctors and laser specialists using state-of-the-art technology.

Celebrating 15 years of Laser excellence

Laser Treatments

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Mon - 9.30am to 6pm
Tue - 9.30am to 9pm
Wed - 9.30am to 9pm
Thur - 9.30am to 9pm
Fri - 9.30am to 7pm
Sat - 9.30am to 5pm

We have laser clinics in Belfast, Coleraine, L/Derry, Portadown and Cookstown. For your Freckle Removal in Belfast or Acne Laser Treatment in Belfast, contact us today.



Aesthetic Laser Removal Procedures in Belfast


At Laser Solutions our specialist team provide safe,fast and effective treatments in a comfortable, professional environment at very reasonable cost. Celebrating 15 years of laser excellence and offering specially reduced prices of up to 80% OFF LASER REMOVAL. Consultation is required.

We are an independent healthcare clinic regulated by the RQIA (The regulation and Quality Improvement Authorities) previously known as the healthcare commission, the same independent body who regulate hospitals and health care clinics.

We are an independent healthcare establishment regulated by the RQIA (The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authorities) previously known as the healthcare commission, the same independent body who regulate hospitals.

  • 80% OFF LASER HAIR REMOVAL in Belfast
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